Our Mission

Freedom Through Responsibility



Isn’t that what we all want? We trade our precious moments, the times of our lives to earn money so we can finance our lives and whatever choices get prioritized. Whatever jobs we do, its not really for money, its for the freedom to have our own dwelling, make “progress”, make choices and feel powerful in this world.
What is Freedom really? What is the basis of it? From my view the first essential to having a life that feels free, is being in good health. Good health of body, mind and spirit. If your body is failing, in pain, perpetually ill, it takes your time, your focus and your potential. When our minds are not well nourished and clear it’s a challenge to focus on anything positive except that we’re positive we’re not sure. There is everything from environmental factors to biological and experiential factors that affect our minds and keep us from exercising our potential. If our spirit is troubled, it affects everything else.
So to feel free in this life we must feel well, of body, mind and spirit. Little of what has been offered in the mainstream has led us to that. There are other solutions than what has generally been offered.
Through natural “Wholistic” means I hope to offer information on the tools I use to create a life that is healthy, wealthy and wise. Through the gifts of our Creator/God/Goddess/Universe (One Voice) or whatever other label resonates for you, I believe we each have the opportunity to take charge of our own lives and move forward from a place of cause, rather than waiting to see what effect life has as it happens around us.
My goal is to offer you a different perspective on the word Responsibility. Often its used as a term of blame or burden. . . It’s your responsibility to take care of it . . . It’s all my responsibility. . ., whatever your feeling about the word is. To my mind, it means Response Ability, the ability to respond to what the world contains and offers at this time.
I wish to share my “tool belt” that gives me much more ability to respond in the way I choose, the ability to respond to the demands of life in the most creative way I know..

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