Are you at Effect or at Cause?

May 8, 2014

Tweet Sometimes, oh, who am I kidding? Most times, life feels like its going too fast, like its full of too much, like there is no time for our own focus and that we’re treading water or fighting a losing battle. I’ve begun to take on a different perspective about it that simplifies things so […]

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Vote with your wallet

May 4, 2014

Tweet Not that I pretend to be an economist or politically minded but from my view it is plain to see that our current economic system is crumbling and needs to be reformed/dismantled. What do you wish to buy into? Do you choose to buy into an old, tried, tired system of goods and services […]

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Understanding Negativity

April 27, 2014

Tweet When I was younger I always thought that negativity was something to be avoided, as if that was a possibility. I never understood how important it really is to us. One day when I was particularly frustrated with life as a whole, I was sitting outside my home under a canopy of tall maple […]

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Being Missed

April 20, 2014

Tweet If there was one person in my life I could resurrect it would be my mother. For just one more hug, just one more chat or word of advice, except she already gave me the best word of advice I believe that there is. It was “Choose Love”, in my book it doesn’t get […]

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April 13, 2014

Tweet Bridges have always been attractive to me and as I mature I see so many bridges in so many ways. I feel that I am a bridge. I am the last of 8 children and my closest sibling in age was 8 yrs older than me before his passing. I also have 20+ nieces […]

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Balancing chemtrails

March 24, 2014

Tweet – The Truth About Chemtrails and Their Dangers! This video in its beginning speaks to chemtrails and their contents. Originally we are led to believe that they were being used as a tool to combat global warming. Their effects run far deeper than that. Doing any amount of research makes it clear that […]

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Planetary Coming of Age

March 16, 2014

Tweet I feel that humanity is coming out of its teenage years. When humans are babies and begin to take in the world around them they start to think their parents are Gods/Goddesses. They can do so many things that babies can’t, like walk, talk clearly, prepare food and drive a car. As adults we […]

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Do you feel it?

March 8, 2014

Tweet Do you feel it? The wave? The wave of uplifting energy that is following the most recent Mercury Retrograde? I do! There was much anticipation of “the shift” in 2012, kind of like another Y2K where no one knew quite what to think of what would come next. Come to find out, nothing out […]

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Women Unite/Untie

February 16, 2014

Tweet Do you feel it? Do you feel the change of the tide? The change of the energy flow that has been mounting on this planet since before 2012? Its time. Time for us to step up as women and as human beings, in favor of ourselves, each other, the planet and our very existence. […]

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Firewalk Wisdom

February 9, 2014

Tweet It sounded like an intriguing idea but I really didn’t know what to think of it. A friend was going and needed a ride so I decided to go myself and find out what doing a fire walk was all about. There was a class first to help us understand and put us in […]

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