Angelic Evidence Pt 4

It seems that much of the evidence of angelic assistance and protection in my life comes when I am traveling. Maybe its the most noticeable then because it is most emergent. Whenever it comes I am so grateful for it!

It was the first day of Harborfest and my son was chomping at the bit to go check out the festivities. A good friend who often sits with him wanted to go too. If I would drop them off she said she would be happy to walk him around with her while I ran an errand out of town. She is an angel in my life who comes up under to support me on a regular basis and I return the favor as often as I can. It was a beautiful day when I dropped them off and went on my way.

Living next to Lake Ontario you quickly understand how fickle Mother Nature can be with her weather patterns and today was no exception. Within an hour I was on my way back into town and a storm had blown in off the lake. Suddenly there was pounding rain and I got a call from my friend saying that she and my son were hiding out under the pavilion at the park and needed to be rescued from the weather. I told her I was on my way and would be there in a few minutes.

I was about to discover how wrong I was.

I was in a high profile truck with good visibility even with driving rain so I was going less than the speed limit but still moving right along as I started down that hill on route 104. I didn’t know what was happening because it started so fast. A micro burst hit right where I was and drove rain across the windshield so hard I couldn’t see with the wipers on high. I would have slowed down if there was time but that micro burst took down a tree limb in the path of the oncoming traffic.

It was a blur of leaves and branches and lights that were in the wrong place when I felt and heard the crash. I hit the front driver’s quarter panel of that Durango after it swerved into my lane to try to avoid the limb. It was screeching across my bumper and everything started to spin. To my own amazement I took my hands off the wheel and screamed, “Michael!!! Help Me!!”

The truck flip flopped into the ditch like a dead fish thrown in the gutter where it came to rest. It was on the opposite side of the road from where I’d been driving, pointed in the opposite direction from the way I’d been going. After the truck stopped I took a breath and looked around. There were no broken windows, my seat belt had kept me in place and nothing inside the truck had hit me. I moved everything around and I seemed to be fine but I couldn’t get out of the truck. The driver’s door was above me so I couldn’t lift it out and the passenger door was in the dirt so no getting out there either.

I waited for the rescue people to come and help me out and called my friend to say regrettably that she and my son would have to wait for the rain to quit or til I could get there, which ever came first. The rescue workers wanted me to get checked out but the only evidence on my body that I had been in an accident was a little tinge of pink in a line across my chest above my sundress where the seat belt had held me in. Other than that I was absolutely unscathed!

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

That big Ford F150 was another story. The truck was totaled. It was worth more according to the check from the insurance company than it had truly been, being in need of repair, so with that check we upgraded to a better vehicle for us. That blessing came disguised as an accident.

I never even had a hint of whiplash and once my ride came to pick me up and the weather cleared I spent the rest of the day gallivanting through the festivities of Harborfest. I was so thankful that by that time, even in the middle of an accident, it was my reflex to ask for the help I needed. Right on time, there it was again! More evidence in my life that the phrases “Ask and it is given” and “Ask and ye shall receive” are not just some old cliche. In my life they are facts. The answer is always yes! That’s why we need to be so careful what we ask for, but when you know what your heart desires, do ask!

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