Angelic Evidence Pt 5

Back yard hale only two foot prints because my dog refused to go any further as the hale pelted. Photo by Victoria Willoughby

Back yard hale,only two foot prints because my dog refused to go any further as the hale pelted. Photo by Victoria Willoughby

No one knew what to expect of 11/11/11. Those of us who are conscious of our evolution felt that something eventful would happen on that day but who could know?

When I took off for my morning job nothing seemed to be that big of a deal weather wise. When I got to the job it became clear that I had miscalculated how long the lady of the house would be gone on her trip and decided it must be the following Friday that I was scheduled to be there.

As I headed for home it had started to hail and the road I had just gone down that was clear was now covered with little white frozen ball bearings. At least that’s what it felt like to drive on.

The road wasn’t frozen yet so it wasn’t so bad until I came to a left handed blind curve that was on a downhill stretch. I was going faster than the conditions were tolerating but didn’t realize that until I was into the curve. My car started feeling pulled to the outside of the curve and I would have headed right off down an embankment into the woods.

I had taken my foot off the gas and knew better than to brake in such conditions but felt that was not going to keep me from going off the road. As I had done before I took my hands off the wheel and yelled out loud, “Michael, Help Me!!”

As if by remote control my car eased into the left hand lane as I rounded the curve. As I came out of the curve it naturally eased back into the right hand lane just as the two full dump trucks passed me. If I had been 3 seconds later in my travels I would have been into the grill of that first dump truck and piled into by the second. I would undoubtedly not have been here to be writing this story. If I had not asked for help I would have been off the road and into the woods to who knows what end.

Both those truck drivers passed me by without so much as a glance. Neither had any idea how close we came to all our lives changing dramatically that day. I’m so thankful that we never had to find that out and so thankful that every time I have asked the help I’ve needed was only a thought away! Once again my gratitude and faith have deepened. I hope you have enjoyed this series and that it has served to show, that if you didn’t know how much support was surrounding you, you do now! Thank you for reading!

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