Angelic Evidence Pt 2

Winter chill Photo by Victoria Willoughby

Winter chill Photo by Victoria Willoughby

Central New York is not forgiving in February but I was fortunate this night that it was not blowing up a gale like usual. It had been a mild winter, but I was happy I had thought to change into pants before I left the class I had taught that day in the next county.

I paid no attention when I passed that exit because I didn’t know it would be important to know how far back it was, until my car broke down. There was only one more exit til the end of the highway but there were 10 miles between the two and I had no idea which was closer. I asked Archangel Michael to guide me and send me an angel to help. The feeling I got was that it was best to just keep going in the direction I was headed rather than try to walk back to the exit I had passed.

I collected what I could carry and left the rest thinking it would probably be safe in the car til I could get back to it. I got out and started to walk down the highway into the darkness. It was late enough so that there was little traffic on the road and I didn’t have the nerve to hitchhike. I was 6 months pregnant and wouldn’t have taken that risk. I hadn’t walked 500 feet yet when a car pulled over beside me. The lone man rolled down the window and asked if I needed a ride. Ordinarily I would have been torn about what to do but I asked Michael to send me an angel so I got in.

As I closed the door and put on my seat belt, thanking him profusely for stopping he said, “I almost missed seeing you because I was praying!” If there’s a more reassuring line to hear for a woman in my situation I can’t think of what it would be! He proceeded to tell me about his happy 20 year marriage which had abruptly and contentiously ended. After several years of nothing but conflict with his ex she had called and wanted to start having visits with the kids as a family. He was flabbergasted and wasn’t sure how to deal with her change in behavior so he had been talking to God asking to be shown a sign when he saw me walking.

I don’t know what I told him, it was as if God spoke to him through me. Whatever I said, it seemed to be exactly what he needed to hear. He was relieved and elated as he let me out at the place where I asked him to drop. He thanked me repeatedly as if he was more grateful for my words than I was for the ride. We agreed on one thing, we had each been the answer to each others prayers that night.

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Stephanie October 26, 2013 at 9:55 pm

Vickie, this one event of your life’s journey only goes to show us, how strong one can be with faith, trust in humanity, a unequivocal knowledge that the Universe will bring us exactly what we need and most of all, a belief that God and the Angles ALWAYS watch over us…as well as answer as we call out…thank you for sharing. SLF


Victoria Willoughby October 27, 2013 at 4:10 am

Always welcome, thank you!


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