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iHealthTube.comThe Truth About Chemtrails and Their Dangers!

This video in its beginning speaks to chemtrails and their contents. Originally we are led to believe that they were being used as a tool to combat global warming. Their effects run far deeper than that. Doing any amount of research makes it clear that the remains that fill the air and therefor the land and water are a detriment to all life.

I listened to an interview with Clayton Nolte by Jennifer Mclean of Healing With the Masters. I have listened to him speak at least 5 times and his knowledge of water is profound and extensive.  He has been working with the military for 40 yrs under many conditions researching water and has an intimate knowledge of the composition and reason for chemtrails. Our being is mostly water so therefor this information includes every one of us and most things on the planet.

Mr. Nolte says that we are beings of structured water and if we weren’t we would not survive. Structured water is water that is balanced of male/female, creation/destruction, right spinning/left spinning energies and therefor considered to be purified. Water in a babbling brook is always pure because it courses left and right over rocks in its bed and it moves forward.

Likewise the practice of Reiki is an amplified balancing energy, like the yin/yang symbol, its energy is whole not dual, just as we are, it must be, to administer to the wholeness/holiness of us. Knowing this I have been sending Level 2 and above Reiki energy to the chemtrails since I realized their existence and purpose, with the intention that it neutralize their effects. It was nice to hear that Jen Mclean  does the same thing!

Clayton Nolte said that it was an agreement on the part of many countries to begin spreading chemtrails and that it would take a major consensus to get them to quit. He said it was not likely for this to happen any time soon, that we needed to take charge of neutralizing them ourselves and that we can do that with the light of our attention and intention. So these were the instructions from one who has extensive knowledge of all of this, as much as any one of us can, DO IT YOURSELF!

We as humans have been led to believe that we not only can but should count on other entities to take care of us and to move progress forward. In truth it has been individuals and then groups coming together who have changed the course of history moreso than the larger governing bodies we actually expect it from. We can as individuals effect our own environment, we are not separate from it, we can focus our attention at will and that which we focus it on grows. If we focus our attention and intention on balance, using the tool of Reiki we can impact in a favorable, sustainable way, the things which from some perspectives look so ominous and looming at this time.

I believe it is of the utmost importance in a world which offers so many challenges to our very limits of tolerance that we have support and connection to all that is available to us. This is my intention with Freedom Through Response Ability. To enable anyone who feels disconnected from their own power to chose and to act in their own favor and therefor the favor of all other Earthlings and the planet.

If you have a teaching Reiki Master in your area I would encourage you to find out more if you are guided to it. If no one is available to you locally I am available to teach at a distance. Whatever your choices, try making the difference of looking at the chemtrails with gratitude for the reminder that we have a choice and as we move forward that choice can always be changed/upgraded. For any questions contact me at, subject line Reiki or on my Facebook page,


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