An Excerpt from my forthcoming book~An Invitation Back to Myself

No one chooses for the eagle, but the eagle! Photo by Kellie Lukaczyk

. . . We have been conditioned to think that the “right” choice will be the one that makes most people happy as if they have no responsibility to their own happiness and we must supply it. In ancient times what was right was decided by a pharaoh or king, gods or goddesses, priests or oracles, tribal leaders or clan elders. In more recent times its governments deciding what’s right for its citizenry and doctors deciding what’s right for our health. The media decides what we should be offered in the name of news and the neighbors might decide what color we can or cannot paint our house.

Who really gets to decide? We each do. It is our absolute right to decide our own response to any given situation and each choice we make leads into the next.

My mother passed over many years ago but what I remember most about her example was to choose love! Love of who, love of what? What does it really mean? If I love another person as my top priority, what’s left for me? What if the greatest love I feel is for money? How do I love myself when others around me are presenting with such need? How do we navigate this apparent mine field that is fraught with judgments and pitfalls and hand grenades?
Well that’s the rub, you have to choose. No one else can choose for you, they might manipulate a choice, they might encourage a choice but bottom line, when you’re the one living it, you must choose.

Many people seem to think that the rest of the world, their family, their parents or their children are the deciding factor. Not so. They are of course considerations that we can make but its not required.

What I don’t think most of us consider is that we are choosing every day, often multiple times per minute and making a choice we’re not even conscious of.

It was said in the Bible that in the beginning was the word, but did anyone ever tell you it was YOUR word? The words you choose to define yourself or identify anything create the path forward.

It also says in the Bible, the name of the Lord is I am that I am. That may be true but what we’re not led to understand is that “I” is the skeleton key of the universe. As part of an ancient symbol meaning Reiki the letter/word was explained to me as follows: The top cross bar represents heaven, the bottom cross bar represents earth, the vertical line represents the connection between the two.

Thought of in this way it is easy to see why the letter I can be viewed as the skeleton key. When we say it, it is followed by other words, when you say “I am”, it is particularly powerful along with the words that follow it. But you might not say I am, you might say I will or I won’t, I can or I can’t, I love or I hate, I believe or I regret. Whatever choice of words you make sets the indicator for the path you will move forward on, almost like making the pattern of the weave of the tapestry of your life and how the threads of it intersect, or don’t intersect, with other threads.

If you are considering a project and your words about it are, “I can . . . .”, then your action is going to be to move in the direction of what you say you can do. If you say “I can’t. . . “, you will take no such action. We are led to think that the words of others and the wants of others should be our divining factors when just the opposite is true. We have one voice, one life stream, one choice in every moment of now, it is not meant to be chosen for or by someone else, it is uniquely yours. Our choice, and once chosen, our responsibility or as I prefer to say, response ability. . . .

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