Do you feel it?

IMG_2995Do you feel it?

The wave?

The wave of uplifting energy that is following the most recent Mercury Retrograde? I do!

There was much anticipation of “the shift” in 2012, kind of like another Y2K where no one knew quite what to think of what would come next. Come to find out, nothing out of the ordinary really, at least on the surface.

Underlying what is seen on the surface, the offerings of the media, the atrocities of the world, the poisoning of the planet, there is a current of love that is rising. Like one would draw a bath it is coming up around us, inspired by that which we can no longer accept for our world, for our communities, for our families and ourselves. All the outer appearances are reminding us that we have a choice.

It does no good to fight what is, it is well known, that which we resist persists. Henry Ford did not resist the horse being a method of transport to create the automobile. Its time to do as Marianne Wmson’s campaign slogan says and “Create Anew”.

I have begun to release my judgement of outer appearances and changed my focus on what is. I see chemtrails being smeared over paradise and the human in me wants to shriek and shake my fist, but the larger part of me knows that this is an invitation, and invitation to choose again, to choose differently, to move in a different direction. I send Reiki up into the chemtrails to help neutralize their effects and give gratitude for the reminder to move forward differently. Anger, hatred, judgement, frustration only creates more in our world.

For years I was astounded at the idiocy of television commercials and their bold affront to human sensibilities. Then I decided to use them as a teachable moment with my growing son. Of course he wanted every happy meal toy and all the bold colorful offerings from wherever. So I allowed some and showed him that not only did the food not taste good, not make you feel good but the toy was generally broken in 5 mins, wasn’t interesting for that long and quickly became something we needed to bear the burden of getting rid of as a waste. I pointed out that those two kids on the playground eating those ultra sour candies weren’t having any fun while they were blaring at each other like a loudspeaker and a megaphone.  Those perfectly nice looking ladies in the grocery line instantly turned into battling mortal enemies because they had a different color game fuel. Who wants to do that?!

He would tell me, “Mom, I think I need to see a doctor!” because of the pharmaceutical ad he just watched so I started really looking at it with him and letting him notice that for a one minute commercial, fifteen seconds is spent telling you this product “Might” help and the other forty five seconds telling you major reasons not to take it. By the ripe old age of 10 he was stopping on his way by the screen and then walking away with a disgusted tone saying, “They’re really trying to get our money today aren’t they!?”

At the age of almost 12, having lived through the near death of his mother 5 yrs ago and the break up of his parents 2 yrs ago, this young man sees the unsustainability of so many things going on but still looks at everything through the eyes of hope and wonder. He sees that we can do things differently and is constantly looking at the best of what is offered. He is understanding his ability to manifest and the power of his own words and shows me repeatedly how things can be upgraded with different words and a different thought. He is my greatest barometer to remind me that, in line with the Law of Opposites, for anything we choose to create to manifest, first its exact opposite must show up. This is not the time to give up or give in, it is the time to realize that with so much here that is not what many of us would choose, what we do choose is following right behind.

Through these trying times that are giving us such a run for our money, it is so important to have support. Young Living’s Hope blend with Melissa, Myrrh, Juniper and Spruce is so uplifting and inspires exactly as it is named. It is helpful to be able to see past the moment and project a more positive future.

I also use Level 2 and beyond of Reiki to project balance and hope wherever I see a lack of them. To me, Reiki and Love are synonymous and I have begun to look at everything as either Love or lack of Love. We are vessels of Love so every place that we feel a lack, and put Love, it will become Love even if it takes time. We’ve been conditioned to listen to the voices around us rather than the voice from within but I see that changing exponentially with this change of energy that we have been through. Do you?

Photo by Marta Beach owner of Marta's Photoshop

Photo by Marta Beach owner of Marta’s Photoshop

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