Firewalk Wisdom

Photo by Warren M. Kring

Photo by Warren M. Kring

It sounded like an intriguing idea but I really didn’t know what to think of it. A friend was going and needed a ride so I decided to go myself and find out what doing a fire walk was all about.

There was a class first to help us understand and put us in the mindset and higher vibration necessary for a fire walk. It was interesting enough with many concepts I understood already. We took breaks in the class to go outside and raise our vibration under a starry sky. The first break we went out in the yard and learned a Russian song and sang together. The second break was to go outside and build the fire. The point being that if you build the fire then the brain knows that it is a real fire and doesn’t consider that there could be deception of any kind.

Building the fire is its own revelation with several handfuls of people coming together to build one thing so that it accomplishes the desired result. We made a round tower of wood and put wads of newspaper in every nook and cranny. The fire was lit and we left it to the fire tender who would say prayers into the fire and ask for protection for the whole process.

For the next break we were offered sticks and we put whatever offering we wanted to make to the fire. It could be doubt, frustration, pain, hate, anything we wanted to get rid of from our lives, or it could be gratitude, love, unity, we focused that intention into the stick. We announced our intention and threw in our sticks in turn and stood in meditation becoming one with the fire.

On our last trip out we took drums, rattles, an assortment of noise makers and our voices to raise the vibration in song. As the facilitator raked the pile of coals into a circle, we sang traditional Native American Indian Songs, some in the native tongue, some in English. We had been instructed that each bed of coals is approx. 1400 degrees Fahrenheit and that if we did not feel at one with it or had any fears about it we should not walk in the fire. We were also told that if we could not accept responsibility and thus the consequences, 100%, we should not walk.

On that chilled starry night our voices and drum beats rang out in celebration and exultation as people who were more experienced took the lead and began to walk through the bed of coals with their drums and voices raised high. I didn’t know if I could or would do it. I didn’t feel confident and felt something similar to what I imagine one feels when they are going to take their first step out of a perfectly good airplane in flight.

There were approximately 20 of us and each person went through the coals as they felt guided, some only once, some a multitude of times. One woman stood in the fire and danced around for more than 15 seconds. I still had my reservations but was trying to ignore the whirlwind in my gut until it flipped.

At a certain point the vibration raised high enough that the emotion that accompanied that whirlwind changed from trepidation to excitement. I let out a cry like you’d hear from a camel riding army as they were mounting an attack and started to walk. What I found was so surprising! As I walked through this bed of coals that was well over 1,000 degrees, if felt only cold, no heat at all. No heat on my feet, none as I breathed, I felt no heat at all. It was totally counter intuitive. As I emerged on the other side of the fire pit I was received by a hug from an exuberant friend who yelled, “You Made It!” It was like being born into a new way of thinking about myself.

What the fire walk taught me is this:

Number one, when I feel that churning in the pit of my stomach, the feeling is exactly the same as joyful excitement. The only difference is the emotion that I assigned to the feeling. With that knowledge and experience I have found that even in the face of what looks like a fearful situation, I can look at it with different perspective and think, “Here comes my next major blessing in life!” When we look in hindsight the greatest blessings in our lives have come out of what did not look that way on first blush. So why not accept what is coming as a great blessing in the first place instead of spending that time agonizing over it and thus attracting more agony. When I have had opportunities to change fear into anticipation, what I was expecting transformed into something surprisingly wonderful.

Number two, I learned about our true being. This world tends to condition us to be followers and think of ourselves as less than. The process of fire walking makes it much more believable that we are God Force, how else could I walk through a fire unburned? When we direct our vibrations and thoughts up to the level of our higher selves we can overcome virtually anything. Once you have accomplished fire walking, speaking in front of a group of thousands of people is a piece of cake! Right?

For what it’s worth.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

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