Food is a Language

Whole food

Whole food

Hippocrates said that we should let our food be our medicine, it is what our bodies are made of, so it should be able to maintain our bodies perfectly, and it would, if we let it. When my parents were growing up in the early 1900s they would not have had a clue what to do with some of the things that are offered as food today. In their experience, food was what you grew in the “back 40″, meaning in your garden or on your land. There might have been a corner grocery but there was no processed, boxed or canned food there, canning back then meant glass jars.

The creation of the large chain grocery store and manufacturer style agriculture has propelled us into an era where there are a multitude of things offered as food that really aren’t. That’s not to say that we can’t consume them, obviously we can, in copious amounts, but to our bodies they don’t consist of food. From my definition food would be fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs and the like that our bodies have the wisdom to process. That is why people in general who have “food styles” that consist primarily of these, tend to be in good health and at a reasonable weight for their life requirements. It might be more “convenient” to our schedules to open a box or can but our bodies don’t have that same experience with it.

Our bodies are communities of upwards to 50 trillion cells which can only build, nourish and maintain themselves with what we offer to them. We may think we’re individuals but we are a community inside our own skin, much like we, as humans ,are a community on the skin of the planet.

Since we come from the earth our bodies have the wisdom to incorporate other things that come from the earth, directly. Once those same things have been coated in pesticides, cooked, dried, processed, boxed, canned and what have you, it is no longer a food source for the body. It is now a burden for the body to deal with rather that a fuel for it to thrive with.

Think of it like this, a neighbor comes over with a basket of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, onions and broccoli, your first thought could easily be, “Oh, what a wonderful salad I could make with these!” and you probably would enjoy all of it and be very grateful for your neighbor’s generosity. If the same neighbor brought over a plastic bag of their kitchen remains, you would not find anything of use in that bag, you wouldn’t even open it, you would just have the responsibility and burden of disposing of it or living with it. Logically your choice would be to get rid of it, but to where and how do you get it there? What if you didn’t have means to take it past your own living space? How would you dispose of it and keep it from making your surroundings rotten? How would you respond to your neighbor after that “gift”?

Sadly this is a conundrum that our bodies have to deal with daily because they don’t have the “wisdom”, the tools or the means to dispose of many of the things we ingest and use on and around our bodies on a regular basis. Everything that comes in contact with our bodies and that we put into our bodies is a language of energy that our bodies understand, or don’t. When they don’t have a means to process it, it is treated as a toxin and put into what I call, “toxin jail”. Toxin jail in the body is fat cells. The toxin is inserted into a fat cell and then it is filled with water to protect the body from it until it can find a way to deal with it. Ever wonder why you start a prescription and almost instantly start to gain weight? There are many of us walking around very well “protected”. It’s our bodies attempt to keep us living when we are giving it a different message.

It was said that “Life begets life”, true, when you take in live whole food it feeds live cells and gives them the elements they need to flourish. By the same token, when we eat dead food, it gives a message of death to our bodies and they obey by starting to break down. It boils down to pH balance, our bodies perceive an alkaline environment as a message of life that they understand, they perceive an acidic environment as a message to break down. Cancers cannot grow in an alkaline environment, no disease can thrive in an alkaline environment which our bodies would be, if that was the language we spoke to them on a regular basis.

Many people consider coffee to be a staple because of the “boost” it gives to their morning. In truth, the bodies response of “speeding up” is in an effort to rid itself of this substance that has been put into it that it can’t make a creative use out of. It acidifies our systems, raises our cortisol levels, reduces our energetic frequency and gives our cells the message that its time to die. As they start to break down they create inflammation and mucous which can result in pain. How many pain conditions is this organism of humanity suffering from? Look around, how many people do you know with rheumatoid arthritis, just to name one inflammatory condition? Are you one of them? Same for sodas, they are primarily sugar unless they’re diet and don’t even get me started on that mass poisoning! Sugar is acidic to the body and it helps to grow yeast and cancers. If you stroll the grocery inner aisles and start to read labels with the knowledge of all the assorted names used to disguise it, how many items would you be able to find that didn’t contain sugar or quickly turn into sugar once consumed? Not many.

The message imparted by food and water, is I love and value you and am taking good care of you, then the body communicates back with energy, good feelings, vibrant skin, bright eyes and a supported outlook on the day. Unless our intake consists of the Standard American Diet, then the message the body is receiving tells it to start decomposing. It doesn’t have a choice but to work with what we give it. The mason cannot build a brick house with straw no matter how many bales are delivered to him, then what does he do with the bales? He stores them or tries to dispose of them otherwise.

Even in the best of circumstances where people are growing their own organic food and carrying on a healthful life style, we still have things like chemtrails and pesticides that are put into our air and therefore in our water and food supply on a regular basis and our bodies have to deal with getting rid of them as well. When they build up over time that becomes an astronomical task for a burdened body to try to live with. This is why I also use the food source of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Young Living essential oils, specifically, are the concentrated immune system of the plants which is wisdom our bodies can automatically compute. They bring oxygen and nutrients into the cells, even oxygen deprived cells which have thickened walls where nutrients and medicines can’t usually go. They are capable of digesting petrochemicals and taking heavy metals out of the body, unburdening cell receptors and leaving them available to receive vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. They can also get into a cell’s nucleus where viruses hide to digest and remove them. They bring the wisdom and support to our cells that our current food supply is sorely lacking and rather than suppressing and challenging the immune system, they feed and cleanse it.

A new arrival to my medicine chest

A new arrival to my medicine chest

I see so many people who are fighting against conditions, fighting to find a “cure”, who are totally oblivious to the fact that they are causing these conditions with the language they are speaking to their bodies through their actions of consuming non foods and beverages other than water, their use of toxic personal “care” products and chemical “cleaners” and embracing the numerous stressors that are so prevalent in our world today. There is no need to fight, there is a need to cooperate with our own bodies, to listen to the language they speak back to us. If the message they are sending is fatigue, pain and unwellness then they are letting us know that they can’t translate the “language” we’ve been speaking to them and we need to change if we want energy, wellness and a pain free existence. We can ignore it and let doctors help us poison and dissect ourselves into health but health is never going to be the response our bodies can give to poisoning and dissection.

Insanity is rampant on this planet at this time and to my mind it starts with eating the same things, using the same products, not appreciating the results and continuing to do it anyway, expecting our bodies to just deal with it. Our cells get desperate and anxious when we feed them full of garbage and expect them to operate to and beyond full capacity. That desperation and anxiety is outpicturing into our world in the form of genocide, gun violence and abuse of all kinds. This is no different than the violence we commit on our bodies when we assault them and expect them to like it. We can stop it, but we have to start at home, right inside our own bodies, with listening to the response, changing when it isn’t creative and moving forward in a different way, with more care, compassion, self love and consciousness.

Be conscious of the products you’re using, if it has a label, chances are you don’t want it as food. Apples, celery, beets and watermelon have no nutritional labels. For personal care products, if you can’t pronounce and don’t recognize the ingredients, its probably something you won’t want to use if you research and see what the effects of its ingredients actually are.  That cabinet full of cleaners under your sink, do not in fact “clean” anything, they poison everything they come in contact with, that may include germs we want to protect ourselves from but that is a job our immune systems with do effortlessly if we are healthy. There are personal care products that actually care for our health and support it, there are cleaners that do no harm to the environment or us, our children or our pets.

After 9 yrs of using Young Living as medicine, food and for cleaning in my home, going to conventions, touring the farms and gathering much of my own experience, I trust the products implicitly. There is no need for me to read a label because everything is taken care of for me to a greater extent than our governing organizations ever dreamed of.

Some people have asked why Young Living isn’t certified organic. The answer is simple. Young Living already had much higher standards than are required for organic certification. Why would a company invest in measuring up to a standard that they always surpassed? Makes sense to me!

If you would like to take Response Ability for your own health and the health of your family, I can help in an assortment of ways and would welcome that opportunity to share in any capacity. As I share I live in a healthier and happier community consistently, in the community of my cells and the community of humanity. Join me!




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