“Help, I’m Stuck in the Birth Canal and I Can’t Get Out!”

Shining the light on a new way of thinking and living

Shining the light on a new way of thinking and living

Have you felt like this lately? Do you feel like you could use some tools or some guidance to find your way through uncharted territory?

Its long been known that we would be going through the Shift of the Ages during this period of time. It has also been expressed as birthing a new world or a new way of being. It seems time is speeding up and the entire planet appears to be in some version of chaos.

We’ve been feeling the contractions, whether it’s the loss of a job, a divorce, an illness, maybe all of the above, it’s a pretty universal feeling at this time.  We’ve found ourselves panting and trying to get a grip as the floor feels like its falling out from under. Most people have either felt they’ve recently been going through the “Perfect Storm” in their lives, they are going through it now, or they are heading straight into it. Most of us have been brought down to the lowest common denominator, stripped of what we’re attached to and therefore with a clean slate to create on. So what can we do from here? How can we take charge of our own lives when we feel enslaved to a system that isn’t as supportive or sustainable as we wish it was and stripped of all we once considered secure?

Technology and developments seem to be changing at break neck speed, there’s a new product, new prescription, a new law and a new tax at every turn. It is said that we are encountering more toxins in one day than our grandparents encountered in their entire lives. These toxins are environmental, mental, spiritual and physical. Chemtrails, GMO’s, climate change, pollution, pharmaceuticals , terrorism and stress barely scratch the tip of the iceberg that threatens the hull of this Earth ship, our Mother, our very existence as Humans. As an individual, what can we each do about it?

It is necessary that we each take personal Response Ability for the energy of our own space and find our way within. We have been conditioned over the centuries to give more credence to the voices of others than our own inner voice. In earlier times values were placed in the church as an authority. Things that happened were the work of God or of the Devil, a member of the clergy was necessary to intercede for you with God and to help save you from the work of the Devil. We moved into a world that began to be defined by scientific assumptions that may or may not have been correct. We’ve been taught that doctors had the answers to issues with our health whether it disagreed with our inner feeling or not.  

In this time people seem to be awakening to the knowing that they are co-creating their existence and have their own wisdom to tap into, that is their own best guide. It is what guided you here to these words.

That is my first topic, Words. “In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was good.” Or was it? Many do not understand the power of their own words and how they shape Creation. We’ve been led to believe that the words of others are more important than the words we would choose to express or define ourselves with. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The work of Matsuru Emoto has shown how simply we can change the nature of water by imposing different words on it. Loving words produce crystalline purity from the same tap water that becomes like a cesspool when hateful words are imposed on it. We are primarily, at a human level, composed of water, therefore the words we impress upon our water make a difference in our experience.

In a world where people are trying to find the greatest value for their money, this guidance is totally free of charge and it fits right into your schedule no matter how busy you are. The guidance is this. . . Speak/think only that which you want to show up in your experience. If you affirm that you cannot afford this or that, it cements it into your reality because you have decreed it so and the energy in and around you responds accordingly. If you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and mentally say, “You look like crap today!” how will the rest of your day go from there? Listen to your own words. Notice if you speak in your own favor. Do you say “. . . . is killing me!” or “. . . makes me sick!”? What feelings do those words create in you?

If you have the time and the presence of mind to speak/think destructive words /thoughts then you have the time to speak/think creative words/thoughts. When you take the time to truly listen to the words you use and notice the emotion behind them you will find that upgrading your choice will upgrade your experience.

I once heard Jamie Lee Curtis in an interview saying that she changed her life by changing two things.   

  •  #1 She stopped saying “I have to. . . “ and started saying, “I get to. . . .”           
  •  #2 She stopped saying “I can’t” and started saying “I’m unwilling to”

Those two changes, changed her experience of her own life, permanently, when she stepped out of a victim manner of speaking. 

When we say the words, “I am. . . “ all of Creation conspires to bring into our experience what we say we are or speak about ourselves. I had a conversation with a family member today who said, “My mother always said, if I ever get like ‘that’ (meaning any level of mental or physical incapacity that would compromise her way of living), kick me right straight in the head!” She died of a brain tumor. I remember one of my brothers speaking many times in terms of how “pissed” he was, he died from complications as a result of bladder cancer.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say, “God damn it!” or “I’ll be damned!” and then were surprised when things seemed to go right to Hell in a hand basket.

For now I’ll leave you with one simple instruction. . . CREATOR, speak only in your own favor. Speak only that which you wish to experience. Hold this directive in your mind and see how it affects your experience of your own words. My wish is that you find that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by claiming this power. For what it’s worth.


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