Outraged~and not medicating it!

For weeks now I have not felt inspired to write. Nothing in particular was feeling as if it needed to be written about until I read a post of Marianne Wmson’s this morning. She was apologizing and clarifying in reference to any misunderstanding regarding a comment she made about sadness not being mental illness.

I find myself outraged at the activity that insinuates that emotions are to be avoided and medicated as if they are a disease, and I’m not going to avoid that emotion of outrage, I’m just going to feel it right now and let it inspire me. In my opinion, there is no reason to be here without emotions to color and temper and create our experience. What is sadness, if you’ve never experienced joy? What is success if you’ve never experienced defeat? Maybe that’s why so many who are medicated away from their emotions commit suicide. I say this as one who has lost 3 loved ones to suicide so please don’t think I don’t understand. In my opinion each of those suicides were a symptom of our recently accepted poisoning for assorted reasons I won’t bore you with at this point. For a more historical, broad range point of view on mental health and its medication please watch the following video, if you’re not alarmed, you should be!

My belief, derived from my experience tells me that the only actual mental illness that goes on is that which has been produced by toxins either overtly or covertly. I can’t tell you the number of people to whom I mention chemtrails and they say, “Chemtrails? What’s that?” Its as if they think clouds position themselves in lines so God can play tic tac toe. People I respect have been protesting chemtrails since the early 1990s and I must admit myself that I have only known about it for the most recent few years. It is being done in the name of Homeland Security and therefore can continue without our knowledge or consent. The original intention “they” will admit to, is putting nano sized, aerosolized aluminum in the atmosphere with the idea that it would deflect some of the sun’s rays and reduce global warning. In truth the actual effect has been to hold heat in the atmosphere that would otherwise escape, thus not only counteracting their intent but making it worse. Has it stopped? No. Does it consider the fact that aluminum is a known suspect in Alzheimer’s and dimentia? No. Does that take into consideration the other poisons contained like barium or strontium? No

Fluoridation has been outed as a method to eliminate toxic waste while we pay for it, instead of those who produce it paying for hazardous waste disposal. It is a known poison which encrusts the pineal gland, shuts down the thyroid, contributes to obesity and pacifies the brain while dumbing down the IQ. Yet we are still paying for it to be in our water supply and our toothpastes and mouth washes. Why? For dental health? No, the American Dental Association journal came out in 2000 saying that it was not of use, unless applied directly by a practitioner and I suspect that was said as butt cover and business maintenance.

When Wellbutrin was taken off the market it was documented that they had known for 5 yrs that it didn’t work. Wasn’t it properly tested? Did they always know it didn’t work? How many people suffered the consequences with the side effects of something that never should have been on the market in the first place?

All of these things effect our mental health and are produced by a system that clearly profits from our chronic unwellness.

Individuals fighting for their right to chemically alter themselves in ways that are poisonous to all of us is an exercise in futility that hurts everyone. No one takes prescriptions in a gold fish bowl! NO ONE! We have played God without the proper tools long enough to have some thinking that it is their right to do so regardless of anyone else’s right.

When these prescriptions or administered synthetic drugs flush out of the body, they flush into our water systems. These systems have no ability to remove these toxins. How does the “right” of one woman, choosing not to conceive and using birth control to insure this, trump the “right” of the next woman who drinks the water with the birth control in it, who is trying to conceive without success? It doesn’t. How does the “right” of someone who has chosen to take anti depressants trump the “right” of someone else who chooses not to take them? It doesn’t. But that doesn’t matter once its in the water system, the rights of the person who wants to live an unpolluted healthy life have been robbed, not only by a parasitic, toxic system but by that system’s promotion of individual rights regardless of the consequences on the whole.

For a more succinct version than I’ve been able to express, please read the home page poem at  http://www.keepers-of-the-well.org/.

There is no planet B to move to, unless we’ve been lied to about that as well. Even if there was, when you’ve been born into the Garden of Eden who would want to leave it? Instead, could we start to see that we are all brothers and sisters regardless of location and back ground? Could we all see that to poison our water source is to compromise the existence of ALL of us here, every Earthling? We may think we have more rights than bees but if the bees disappear we have the right to live without food. Without the trees that are being cut down we have the right to live without fresh air. Without clear skies and natural (not to be confused with normal) remedies we have the right to live with polluted waters and polluted bodies. We’ve put ourselves on the fast track to have no fresh air, no fresh water and no fresh food, in the face of that, which individuals have the “right” to choose that away for us all?

I choose daily with my wallet and with my shovel and hoe. I choose to grow what I can for my family and buy what I can’t grow from local growers. I choose to support my family’s vibrant health using Young Living Essential oils and products that not only support the health of my family but support the health and wealth of the global community. I choose to live in such a way that others don’t have to pay with their health for my choices.

Lemon oil supports non toxic water

Clarity blend supports clear thinking

NingXia Red nourishes all the water soluble parts of the body.

This is just a small glimpse of my home team advantage that I use to live Young, its the best health care I know! May you be blessed with a healthy body, a vibrant mind and a bright future. If that’s not how you feel, I’d be honored to help you change that!

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