Planetary Coming of Age


I feel that humanity is coming out of its teenage years.

When humans are babies and begin to take in the world around them they start to think their parents are Gods/Goddesses. They can do so many things that babies can’t, like walk, talk clearly, prepare food and drive a car.

As adults we know that this isn’t rocket science just something that maturity allows you to grow into in most cases. As children grow they learn to say “NO!” and start to exercise their individuality apart from their parents and find that they have power that they didn’t previously know they had.

When they approach the teenage years they start to form other bonds with their chosen groups, whether that group is a couple or a clique or club. Suddenly the parents are oppressors and despots, leaden entities, bent on destroying the individuality of the teen, at least from the teen age view.

As those teenagers find their way up and down fool’s hill, they find themselves pregnant, in credit card debt, sick from a steady diet of french fries and pizza, late nights and personal disrespect. As they struggle to find a J~O~B and struggle to pay their rent or buy a house, struggle to form a lasting relationship or start a family, they suddenly (often much to their own chagrin) find themselves seeking the wisdom of their parents.

The things they did to break away and prove they have a better idea prove unsustainable. They find themselves saying the same thing to their own children that their parents said to them, that they hated at the time. They find themselves admitting that Mom and Dad had a much more sensible way of doing things whether they like that way or not, it is sustainable and can produce thriving, not just surviving, and ultimately afford them the freedom they so righteously sought.

I believe the collective humanity is finding itself in this place. Its a humbling position and full of habits that aren’t easy to break. From the perspective that God/Father is the all encompassing force of the universe that one might call love or by many other names, and that Earth/Mother is the substance of life on this rock, our parents had it right in the first place and its time to admit it and save ourselves from ourselves.

From my perspective the energy of the universe is the spark, or the electron in every atom that connects us to the universe or the divine if you will. . . The Light. The planet is the substance animated by that light without which we would not have our experience on this mortal coil. . . The Darkness. Neither is superior to the other but sides of a coin, the means of the vehicles of time and space and all of our experience.

This planet has been through 5 mass extinctions and is in the process of the 6th. This time it is being driven by human behavior. The teenagers who seemed bent on self destruction are waking up to what they’ve been doing by trying to play God without taking into consideration that we still want there to be a planet to live on when we’re done.

There’s nothing wrong with being a teenager, its a necessary step to adulthood. Continuing to be a teenager is not something that can be done so I am very grateful for the years and the behavior that have shown us that this cannot continue. As we’ve seen with the Kurt Cobains and the Michael Jacksons we must change our self destructive ways or die. No amount of money can protect us from the fact that we must move forward or be done with this life entirely. I personally am changing my ways and embracing the wholeness of this life as the Earth and the Sun have been showing us the wisdom of for years. I am making a habit of sending Reiki energy to every chemtrail, body of water, passing siren and distressing news story to help balance and raise the level of energy of these creations we have come up with, with the intention that we find our way back to wisdom before the teenager puts an end to our options.

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