What is the question? And what is the answer?

Is this the path?

Is this the path?

We abdicate our Response Ability if we deny our role as co creator in our lives. To reduce things down to the simplest way of being I find there to be one question and one answer that will solve any issue. The question is . . . NOW, Creator, what do you choose? The answer is . . . Choose Love.

There has been unending debate about what God is and who God is to each of us. There is much said about God being in every leaf and every drop of rain, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. At the same time God is often referred to as a separate entity. How can God be all that is and separate? Only in our imaginations and from directives from structures built as an intercessor between us and God.

I was raised with a Christian back ground and am myself a Reverend and I have seen many give their fears and troubles up to God and then go about creating more troubles and things to be fearful of. I feel that these changing times are showing us undeniably that we are a part of God. The part we are is the co creators of our own lives. We get to choose. It is our God given gift! So why walk around as if the rest of the world is at cause for our lives and how they’ve gone and more to the point, where they’re going?

Its like my son tossing something around when he knows better and when it falls and breaks saying, “I didn’t mean to!”. My response, “You didn’t mean not to!” Meaning not to would have been to put the object down or not play with something that was not a toy in the first place. When you pick up something breakable and toss it around, it is meaning to treat it in an unintended way for the object. We do the same things with ourselves and each other. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!” but you said something unkind or manipulative, or “I didn’t mean to get into credit card debt!” but you went shopping with fake money and spent it.

I didn't mean to Mom!

I didn’t mean to Mom!

Its as if by looking at God as something separate from ourselves and a solver of whatever we’ve gotten into, we have removed responsibility and response ability from ourselves. To me, God is a part of me that shines through my heart to the degree that I allow that. I have absolute choice and responsibility as to whether I let that light shine or hide it under a bushel. I will not give my power of creation away to some separate imagined entity or put more importance on words of others written thousands of years ago than I do on my own experience of God, NOW.

As anyone who knows me knows, about 5 yrs ago I allowed the stresses of the world to take over my life. I neglected and abused myself rather than supporting myself through that time of stress. I ended up in the hospital for 3 wks and twice nearly lost my battle to continue to live. During that time I called to God for help. The answer came from within and resounded through the universe of my understanding. The answer was always yes, but it didn’t come from someplace separate from me.

Is this the path?

Is this the path?

Science and Spirituality are currently proving each other. In my experience, we are energy beings and our energy (soul) extends far out away from our bodies (at least it does if we’re holding positive thoughts for ourselves). This, to me, proves what was said on Oprah long ago. Our souls are not in our bodies, our bodies are in our souls. Literally, our bodies are carried and supported through this life by something much larger, much grander than can be seen with the eye for felt with a touch.

I was talking to a friend recently about my perception of what God is and how that energy works through us. I put my hands up in front of myself as if to push something and though I was standing several feet apart from her, when I made the pushing motion, she fell back a couple of steps with a look of amazement. Energetically, I literally pushed her back. No one was more surprised than me. I don’t know why I was surprised, I’ve known that we are energy beings and powerful in many ways but I didn’t expect to be able to literally move her with a gesture.

It took time for me to wrap my head around the concept with so many offerings and so much conditioning to the contrary but I have come to the place that I understand that the only time is NOW. The only place that God exists is in this moment, past is dead and the future has yet to be born. I got an inspiration one day that showed me that its no wonder the world is in the state of affairs that it is. Our awareness is our being, where we put our focus, what we focus on grows. With so many distractions to have us regretting the past or being anxious about the future it draws our attention away from the NOW. With so much of our attention drawn to the past or future, there is no one to maintain the NOW and it begins to break down, whether it is our bodies or our world.

When you are lying in bed at night, unable to sleep because you feel assailed by thoughts of apprehension about what tomorrow brings or feeling regret over something you’ve done, what is really going on? Is there anything really wrong? Or is it the imagining you choose that takes you away from NOW? In that moment, in most cases, you are laying in your bed, safe and warm and the only thing actually wrong is that you are not present for what is in that moment. If you were you would be reveling in the softness of the sheets, enjoying the warmth and comfort of the moment, the peacefulness of the night. Instead you’ve taken yourself to a time that doesn’t exist NOW. This is the work of the ego or as Wayne Dyer would say Edging God Out. The ego thinks its job is to keep you safe, just like a dog who barks at every noise, imagining what danger might lurk behind the noise. In truth does that create safety? Most times not.

If you are present in this NOW moment, God as you live it, is there for you and with you and you are capable of focusing and expanding that in every moment. Our thoughts are seeds and our attention is like the light of the sun. You have the choice to sow flowers or weeds in your garden of life. If you sow and focus your attention on thoughts that you do not wish to experience, you have unconditional choice to change them, but you can only do that NOW. So that brings me back to the central question. NOW, Creator, what do you choose? If you are feeling unhappy with the path your life is taken, when would NOW be a good time to change your choices and change your focus?

Feeling unhappy is a lack of gratitude for what is. If you are reading this, be grateful for the ability to read and a computer to use for that end in the moment. When I was fighting for my life and had hemorrhaged into my lungs, I discovered gratitude for my next breath. You have no idea what a blessing a yawn can be when you haven’t had the lung capacity to accomplish one in many weeks! If you can’t find gratitude in the next breath that guarantees you at least a couple more minutes here in this fantastic place, then try having gratitude for gravity! Without it, where would you be? Literally!?

I’ve gotten comfortable with the question but for years struggled with the answer, which is one given to me by my mother. She always told me, “When in doubt, choose love!” I wondered, “Love for who, love for what?” Should I love my fellow man first and foremost? Should I love the one who is showing me a lack of love right now because they need it the most? Should I love myself first? Do you mean romantic love or what is it anyway? The answer for me now is clear. Just like the flight attendant says about the oxygen mask, you must first love yourself. If you cannot love yourself then you won’t contain love to give to others. When you fill yourself to overflowing for the first act of the day, to me, (I use Reiki as a fantastic tool for this) the rest of the world gets to bask in the overflow and I am never living through an empty vessel. That is why I have so much love to give to others, I fill myself with it as a top priority. Then I can move forward and be loving in the moment. No matter what crosses my path I have the confidence that the love I carry will also carry me through it.

My favorite place to put this is behind my ears!

My favorite place to put this is behind my ears!

When focusing here and now is a struggle, I use the support of Young Living Essential Oil blends like Present Time, Clarity or Release. They are a physical blessing that gives support to the spiritual choices and are true to their names. Using the Young Living products that I do every day, like NingXia Red and using tools like Reiki are just a couple of the ways I love myself in each day. Living the answer is working for me and if you choose to deploy the question and employ the answer I believe they can work for you too! But only NOW!

This year’s Young Living convention’s featured speaker was Wayne Dyer. He no longer does speaking engagements since recovery from his illness. He said at convention that the only reason he accepted the invitation to speak was because he believed we were changing the world with “these little bottles of God”! I have respected his work for many years in bridging the gap between the world we live in and our connection to our Creator, that respect has NOW deepened! Feeling blessed! For what its worth. . .

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