Solo’s Long Hard Road that Wasn’t

A friend recently expressed concern to me about her 5 yr old dog who she had taken to Cornell’s animal hospital for treatment. This was a Saturday, she said that the previous Wednesday her dog had started to act lame and that it progressed into paralysis so quickly that she took him to Cornell for assessment.
Their best guess was that he had a type of spinal menegitis and said if he progressed according to expectations she could take him home on Tuesday . She said it would be a long hard road for him. I asked, “What if it wasn’t?”
She brought him home on Tuesday and I asked the next day, Wednesday if I could come and give him some support.
The following is her version of the story from the beginning:
5-yr-old dog presented last Wednesday with weakness of hind legs that quickly spread to front. X-rays, blood work all normal. Friday he couldn’t move at all, MRI showed lesions up and down spinal column and tons of inflammation around where neck meets spine.
They couldn’t determine whether it was a cancer or inflammatory disease of the spinal column but began treatment with steroids, antibiotics, muscle relaxers and chemo. The idea was to suppress the immune system, which was essentially attacking itself–Han Solo’s cells were attacking his spinal cord all around his neck area.
Their best guess is GME, Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis. By Saturday morning he started kicking his hind legs, by Sunday kicking his front but unable to support any of his weight, pick his head up, etc. The plan was made to continue the medications, and see if he continued improving. The doctors outfitted the dog with a sling that had handles for helping him up and moving him to begin physical therapy. Monday, he began moving his back legs in a walking motion while being moved in sling, and with help could support a tiny amount (maybe 30 percent) of his weight. Tuesday I brought him home from hospital, and he was moving all four legs in a walking motion but unable to stand or walk independently. Doctors said if he continued improving, he might be able to walk on his own within three weeks. Wednesday, he was showing better motor skills and with help could stand while leaning against my legs for a couple of seconds at a time. That’s when you did raindrop and reiki; Thursday, he stood up and ran around the yard on his own.
My experience:
When I got to my friend’s place on Wednesday afternoon, Solo was laying on his stomach in the sun, he whined at my arrival and the only motion he made was to lay on his side. I gave him Reiki around his neck for about 15 mins and then did a makeshift Raindrop on him. I put a drop of each oil on my fingertip starting with Valor at the nape of his neck and nestled it into his fur. I repeated with each oil in succession from the raindrop kit down to peppermint at the base of his tail. I offered his some NingXia Red which he drank and took more from my friend’s hand. Shortly thereafter she brought him in the house and he was going through the motions of walking and was supporting a significant portion of his own weight.
I left a mixture, equal parts of Thieves, Melrose and Purification, (I call it Kim’s blend, props to Kimberley Parkhurst) for her to put at the nape of the neck and the base of the tail, and samples of Thieves and Lavender when that ran out. I gave her samples of NingXia Red and some Sulfurzyme and Deep Relief. Right before I left I anointed the dog’s head with Sacred Frankincense and put a dab of Deep Relief on the pads of each of his paws.
The next morning she called me very excitedly and said that Solo was running around the back yard on his own and that she was sending me a video!
She had taken a video in the morning before I went there which is included and was approximately 24 hrs from the second video. The second video is approximately 16 hrs from the time I got there and gave Reiki and oils. It was only after that that I learned that the projection was that he might be able to walk on his own in 3 wks!

We continued to keep in touch on his progress and the third video was 6 days from the time I first went to work on him. I instructed my friend to do another Raindrop on him because as it turned out I had “accidentally” left my kit behind. She said as soon as she did it, he relaxed immediately and is continuing to do better daily. Feeling so blessed to have the tools to support wellness!

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