A Two Story Life

I have started observing the duality of this life, it is very thought provoking. I see it wherever I look or listen.

When I see a person acting disrespectful to another, what I see is how little self respect they have or they would be treating the other person better. When I see a man posturing and acting macho I see how he’s trying to distract others from noticing how inferior or insecure he feels. When I hear one person accusing another I see that they feel guilty.

When I see loud, bold advertising that claims to have my best interests at heart, I see that the advertisers are serving their own best interests. At a friend’s house I saw a special shampoo that said “For Thinning Hair” below the brand name. Flip it over and read the label to see that one of its main ingredients is something known for breaking down proteins, Hair is made of protein, and lo and behold his hair is thinning even faster now. They can put the truth right in front of us and most people don’t see it.

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

Photo by Vicki Willoughby

I was filling soap dispensers at a house I cleaned the other day. There were two different types but both the same brand. One said it was antimicrobial and contained triclosan, a known carcinogen. The other said “triclosan-free” on the front label. If one product is going to brag that its triclosan free then why is it in the other product marketed as a good thing?

This changing pace has people thinking that they don’t have time to self advocate or educate but many seem to make time for doctor’s appointments and treatments and surgeries and act mystified about how they became necessary.

The story offered by the rest of the world does not have to be taken home and become our story if we don’t choose it. Times are changing but there are still the same number of hours in a day. How can we have less time when rather than sending handwritten paper across the ocean on a steamer ship we can now communicate with multiple people in multiple places on the planet instantly? When we don’t even have to write any more or use paper, correct without an eraser and never run out of ink, how can we not have time to communicate with loved ones and do the things we choose? There’s no more horse and buggy for most of us (the Amish probably won’t be reading this), we can drive, or take a bus or plane wherever in the world we would like often in less than a day. How with all these tools of efficiency can we possibly not have enough time?

Since the “war” on cancer, it has multiplied exponentially. With all our “health care” advances we are one of the sickest nations where for the first time children are having a shorter life expectancy than their parents. How can we have an entire structure dedicated to “health” and still be getting more and more sick?

Its a story we tell ourselves that isn’t true. Health care in this country is an oxymoron. I don’t have time, is one of he biggest lies we tell ourselves. We all have the same amount, we just expect way too much of ourselves because the world has been constructed and offered in such a way as to make us think its not only necessary but desirable. A morning ad shows a child on the bus eating his toaster pastry reveling in the fact that its so much better than the off the shelf type. Its made to look as if its necessary for a child to wolf down, we’ll call it breakfast, on the school bus. The whole focus is on how much better what he has is, than its non frozen counterpart. To me the first concern is that what he is eating has no nutritional value and if it did, on the bus is not where to eat it. Its suggesting to kids and parents that there isn’t time to have a healthy breakfast at home.

I don’t have enough money is often another lie. Granted many struggle but how many labor over paying the rent with a bag full of over priced cosmetics, a hefty car payment, credit card bills for unnecessary things and tickets to the next concert?

Just saying, if you are unhappy with your life you are probably leading a two story life. When the truth doesn’t match the story you tell yourself, discontent isn’t far behind. In truth there are many things in this life that are absolutely unnecessary, undesirable and unsustainable, yet totally accepted by the many. I am happy with being one of the few. My wish is that I am joined by many others and am no longer one of the few who prefers a life on the level, rather than the two story version.

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