Women Unite/Untie

IMG_2065Do you feel it?

Do you feel the change of the tide? The change of the energy flow that has been mounting on this planet since before 2012?

Its time.

Time for us to step up as women and as human beings, in favor of ourselves, each other, the planet and our very existence. To untie ourselves from destructive habits and allow them to fall away, leaving room for what we’d prefer.

There are many underlying factors on the path that has been so far. Many are unseen and unknown, but we can see the results they have had on our lives. If you look around there is global destruction going on. Our most basic needs are being undermined and corrupted. Who is doing this? The answer, we are, and we can stop.

Our air and water are being polluted. Our basic civil liberties are being usurped. Our food supply is being altered to a state that cannot support health for itself or us, and our airwaves are being cluttered with disinformation and advocacy of insanity.

This is just an observation of what is. It by no means needs to be a template to move into the future with and the point of fact is we cannot. We can be horrified at the disgusting mess we have created or we can observe it with the perspective that it is an invitation to move into who we truly can be.

The companies pushing drugs and poisons can’t do it if we don’t buy into the hype and buy into their products. Without our fear and the money we’ve been convinced is premier, they cannot function. The greed/illness system that is in place does not need to be resisted. That which we resist persists, we all have heard this and know the truth of it. What can change life on this planet is for us as humans to start caring about ourselves so that we can then care about each other and choose to survive our own past.

I don’t mean care about ourselves and only ourselves in a selfish way, we already have way too much of that. Our attention is the hottest commodity on this earth, everyone wants it. Our kids want it, our friends want it, the media wants it, every perfume sprayer in every mall wants it, every bill board, radio commercial, every beggar at an intersection wants our attention. If they could get just a little sliver for a moment, it would be huge for them. The one person most lacking our attention is ourselves.

We have been distracted for ages, literally. We were told long ago that someone else’s voice was more important than our own. We must listen to the Gods, the priests, the law makers, the money lenders, the doctors or Medical Deities (MD) as they were described to be my one who carries those letters in his title. Our greatest value is to belong, that is more of a driving force than anything for us. Suicide bombers will explode their own bodies to cleave to what they are told by those who would manipulate them and make no mistake, it is not the Gods manipulating them, it is other men. Hitler did not act alone! On his own he would have been a crazy little man and nothing more. It was those who chose to take up arms and join the rampant carnage that created the Holocaust.

I’ve heard it said if women were in charge there would be no wars because no woman would want to send a child they gave birth to, to the front lines to be killed. This may be news but women are in charge. We have always been in charge of whether or not we allow what goes on around us. We raise the children, we guide the families, we love or don’t love as our offspring grow. Across much of the world, women are the purchasers, the ones who decide how any assets are spent as far as food, personal care needs, cleaning, whatever. This is more a first world issue but lets face it, who else is putting fluoride in their water and poisons on their bodies on a regular basis and pumping toxins into our skies? In 3rd world countries there are elder women committing female castration on their young, women have intimidated, brow beaten and bullied each other over time and we offend ourselves more regularly than any one else.

Life went on on this planet for eons before there were vaccines, fluoridated water, tooth paste, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, shall I go on? I think you get the point. All these things that have been touted as things we need, simply aren’t, not if we want to survive and thrive and allow our children and grand children to do the same.

As women, it is time to unite with ourselves first and with others second and with the world as healing moves in an outward direction.

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning, or do you even look? Do you say, “Good Morning Lovely! So happy to see you to start another glorious day!” or do you say, “Oh, My, God, you look like crap today! Just like every other day!”? What insults and atrocities do you visit on yourself? What neglect and abuse do you heap on yourself?Do you shower with antibacterial soap that not only kills all the germs, including the good ones, but also proceeds to kill your health in the process? Do you put on a mask of make up with unknown ingredients that shows a different face than the one you woke up with because you must protect the world from your “ugliness”? Do you corral your breasts into a torture device to see to it they stay where they belong all day instead of allowing life to flow through them as it was intended originally. Do you then prop yourself on top of a set of high heeled shoes that change your carriage, offset your spinal alignment and create untold suffering in the moment and as time goes on? When you’re tired, do you rest, or are the rest of the world’s demands more of a priority than your own recharging? When you’re thirsty do you drink, or do you just have to finish these other three things first? When you feel sad, do you allow yourself a moment, or a few to feel the sadness, allow it its turn and move past, or do you browbeat yourself into bucking up and getting over it?

When we feel lacking of what we’d like from those around us it is always a result of not giving it to ourselves. It is not wrong to give to ourselves! Who else can do it? Do we serve the world better from an empty vessel that has been drained by the ocean of need around us? No. We must first fill our own cup. First by prioritizing rest and when that sleep is done, greeting the day with the knowledge that we choose how we walk the path ahead, we can walk it in joy and gratitude or we can walk it in discouragement and pain, we choose. There are people on their deathbed being an inspiration and people living in tall glittering towers who wouldn’t give an inch. We choose and can choose again each day. Something as simple as a song can change the entire outlook of the day, but do you turn on the radio, or sing to yourself?

Its as simple as changing your mind! If you don’t feel you can change your mind then you’re not using it, there’s a skip on your record, bounce it a little and you can get past that. Decide that you will greet yourself with a smile, that you will listen to yourself and supply your own needs. It can truly be done so easily. A friend recently told me she realized she was using food to hate herself and she’d decided to stop that. When we listen to our self talk, is it any wonder the rest of the world can look so hateful?

When we allow our own voice to be heard by ourselves, we will begin to feel heard by others. When we care for our own needs we will feel cared for by others. When we continue to show up FOR ourselves instead of AGAINST ourselves we begin to trust ourselves and then can trust others. When we trust ourselves it creates a space of peace in our hearts, where we are accompanied by our inner selves rather than leaving them unheard and feeling abandoned. When we make peace with our selves we can make peace with the rest of the world. How could we create world peace and change into thrival if we are not even on our own side? We must start.

So ladies, we as the creators, who take one cell from a man and build a family, we who hold such power in our hearts, must partner ourselves and begin to reach out and partner each other in envisioning, supporting and changing into a future we can all live with.

Notice what is, as an invitation to what we would prefer and not be held back by unforgiveness or fear of things that are already done. Then turn your attention to what we can offer to a new world that is emerging in the moment and take a step forward. What is the next most loving thing you can do for yourself? Listen and follow your inner voice, it will lead you to the wholeness of yourself and will begin to create a world that is whole as well. It can be as simple as getting yourself a glass of water and drinking. Be the love to yourself and the rest of the world will reflect it. You are that powerful.

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Brenda February 16, 2014 at 9:17 pm

We are truly connecting and coming together! Time has come for healing of this planet and all it’s inhabitants.


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