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How Young Living has improved my existing Business and Life

I was already a Reflexologist, a Reiki Master and a Reverend before I was introduced to Young Living. Once I started incorporating Young Living Essential Oils into my life I realized what a catalyst it could be in my practices of facilitating healing and counseling.

When a person is seeking counseling Idaho Blue Spruce is wonderful for helping them open to their emotions and Release blend eases the transition from feeling stressed to blessed.

When a person is feeling physical pain, well placed application of Deep Relief wherever the pain is, can start the body moving toward the objective of rebalancing and pain release.

If the process reveals that a person suffers from sinus issues, a few dabs of Tsuga or RC blend on the tips of the toes or across the forehead can begin clearing before I even start with the rest of the session.

I think of the oils as food for the body. What one person finds enticing another might find repellent. The body responds very specifically and if it doesn’t, then it may be hungry for another oil so I personally find it necessary to have a broad range stock of oils and supplements and personal care products to expand the options and keep myself,  my family and my clients from having to wait for relief.

The use of Young Living products really guarantees expanded effectiveness for all the services I already provided.


3534                                   Deep Relief

This blend has been such a friend to me. Years ago I was in the hospital with a life threatening diagnosis of sepsis. When I recovered, the first knuckle on both hands was swollen and looking arthritic. My right shoulder was painful whenever I tried to lift anything over 3 lbs. and when I reached above my head. I kept the roller in my pocket and whenever my joints requested my attention with a twinge of pain I rolled a stripe of oil across the area. The pain was relieved at the time and over time the body was able to repair to full capacity with no further symptoms.


4630                             Stress Away™

I do not leave home without this blend, literally. One deep inhale inspires a relieving sigh and whatever stress I was feeling heaves right out with that sigh. Stress was what landed me in the hospital when the financial support of my family was threatened. The following year our financial support was lost, entirely, and in ways it was even in more stressful but by that time Stress Away had been offered and I would inhale it whenever stress would mount. No matter what life offers this is an asset that will always support you.


3292                           Balance Complete™ 

With the busy lives we lead there are so many times that Balance Complete has come to my rescue. In that moment when you realize that as you rushed around the one thing you forgot was to eat, it’s really simple to mix up some Balance Complete to drink on the way. I can always be assured that there is something quick, satisfying with balanced nutrition to start my day off right! This is another one that I wouldn’t be without.



3042                             NingXia Red®

There is really not enough I can say about NingXia Red. In the time I spent in the hospital, there were many times with liver failure and kidney failure, that no one including me had any idea whether or not I would survive. There was a point where a friend brought some diluted NingXia Red to me because it was too strong for my parched mouth to handle. I remember distinctly when I took the first sip because it was like I drank in the idea that I could survive what I was going through. That was a turning point for me and by the time I left the hospital I had committed to drinking 4 oz. per day. I went from two very near brushes with death to being back to work full time in under 2 months. People generally don’t believe how old I am and wonder how I have so much energy and keep a positive attitude. This is my favorite tool to address virtually anything and give the body the building blocks it needs to repair any injury, improve eyesight, or maintain your health so that recovery is never necessary.

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