Young Living

I was already a Reflexologist, a Reiki Master and a Reverend before I was introduced to Young Living. Once I started incorporating Young Living Essential Oils into my life I realized what a catalyst it could be in my practices of facilitating healing and counseling.

When a person is seeking counseling Idaho Blue Spruce is wonderful for helping them open to their emotions and Release blend eases the transition from feeling stressed to blessed.

When a person is feeling physical pain, well placed application of Deep Relief wherever the pain is, can start the body moving toward the objective of rebalancing and pain release.

If the process reveals that a person suffers from sinus issues, a few dabs of Tsuga or RC blend on the tips of the toes or across the forehead can begin clearing before I even start with the rest of the session.

I think of the oils as food for the body. What one person finds enticing another might find repellent. The body responds very specifically and if it doesn’t, then it may be hungry for another oil so I personally find it necessary to have a broad range stock of oils and supplements and personal care products to expand the options and keep myself,  my family and my clients from having to wait for relief.

The use of Young Living products really guarantees expanded effectiveness for all the services I already provided.

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