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I had known about essential oils for some time, lavender for relaxation and tea tree for purification right? My first experience with Young Living Essential Oils was something entirely different than just smelling good. I was a stay at home Mom with no insurance for doctor visits when I noticed a lump alongside my esophagus, low on my throat, I had no clue what it was but it was painful and growing quickly, in the space of a week it was probably the size of a pecan. I called a friend who is a nurse and asked her to look at it and tell me what she thought I should do and on the phone she said, “I might have an essential oil blend that would work for that!” It didn’t sound promising to me but I trust her so I went to see her.

She took one look at me and said, “That whole side of your neck has swelled up!” Even raising my arm was painful because of the motion it caused in the area. She pulled out a bottle of Thieves oil blend and applied it directly to my neck. At first scent I could tell this was really a powerful oil with its tones of cinnamon and clove. In a moment it got VERY hot and I felt like I needed a cold compress, but within a moment or two it calmed down and began to feel soothing.

I asked my friend about the blend and she said that when the black plague was running rampant in Europe there was a band of thieves who were able to get away with robbing the sick and the dead for years without catching the plague. When they were finally caught for their crimes it was discovered that they also happened to be perfumers and knew that wearing this blend of oils would protect them from germs. They were granted mercy for sharing their secret blend and Thieves oils is Young Living’s proprietary version of it.

My friend gave me the bottle and said to put it on my neck morning, noon and night until my symptoms went away. I did as she said and quickly got used to the warmth of the blend applied neat. After 4 days I started to feel guilty for using so much of this precious oil because I didn’t have the money to replace it for her so I gave the bottle back because I was getting better.

What I didn’t know then is that when the oils are applied in a continuous routine or in great quantity, as in Raindrop sessions, the oils will continue to work. After the 6th day all of my symptoms were gone without even using the oil for those last two days. It’s been 8 years and none of those symptoms have ever returned. I was so impressed with the results I signed up as a Young Living distributor not long after that. My life will never be the same and I thank God and all of Creation for that!

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